Friday, October 5, 2007

Why not just call it what it is?

"TWO men in Saudi Arabia have been sentenced to 7000 lashes each after being convicted of sodomy and have received their first round of punishment in public, a newspaper said today."

Surely this is a death sentence, how could you get seven thousand lashes and not contract a fatal infection?

These worthless barbarians governing in the "Kingdom" of Saudi Arabia are supposed to be our allies? They're as bad as Iran, maybe worse, at least Iran has prospects for reform.

These are the people we went to war to protect in 1991, Kuwait as well but they aren't exactly the nicest of folks either. Would it really matter if the people of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were ruled by Iraq's oppressive government rather than their own?

When will people realise the enemy of my enemy is not my friend?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Surely this is a joke

The ACCC is still pursuing its "case" against Google U.S., after dropping the case against Google's Australian subsidiary a decision made solely because they were assured that Google would be held responsible for its subsidiaries.

The "case" is based on the allegation that:

"Google did not clearly distinguish between "organic'' search results and "sponsored links'', which are advertisements."

This is pretty ridiculous even if you accept that there is something wrong with such behaviour. It's always been pretty damn clear to me which links are sponsored and which are not.

This however is largely beside the point, the real question we should be asking is why the hell does it matter?

If you can answer that, (and I suspect you can, but consider how important your answer is) then answer this, why doesn't the ACCC just trust people to make their own decision to use another search engine instead of wasting taxpayer money and infringing on Google's property rights?

No? I can. These people are nothing more than self perpetuating bureaucrats.

Oh, and probably Luddites.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Religious go Green

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone as Christianity has made a historical habit of absorbing the holidays and obsessions of competing religions. It appears that in an effort to boost there own decreasing relevance some Christian leaders are continuing this tradition with more modern religions.

I'm not one to attack legitimate scientific concerns but its clear that in the case of "Climate Change" and "Big E" Environmentalism more generally science has become perhaps irrevocably mixed with politics. Both in the sense that science is directed by politics and politics is directed by science, neither of which are appropriate. To add religion will only worsen the situation.

Hammers & Nails

It appears our insatiable federal government has once again seen a nail and made use of its hammer.

This jerk seems pleased.

What's the old saying?

When prices are too low there is unfair competition, when they are the same there is collusion and when they are too high there is gouging.

Close enough for government work, anyhow.

I'm back

So I deleted my blog. The reasons for this were simple, I wasn't writing anything and when I did no-one was reading it. Hardly surprising really. I had a rash moment and decided I might try again. I wanted a better name though, people had a tendency to misinterpret my blog title.

I searched a couple I had in mind, goddice was in Japanese, imho a blank page and whatiswrongwiththisplace contained a one page rant on Iraq. In the end I decided screw-em I like my name anyway.

I'll try to update a little more regularly this time, but no promises.