Thursday, October 4, 2007

Surely this is a joke

The ACCC is still pursuing its "case" against Google U.S., after dropping the case against Google's Australian subsidiary a decision made solely because they were assured that Google would be held responsible for its subsidiaries.

The "case" is based on the allegation that:

"Google did not clearly distinguish between "organic'' search results and "sponsored links'', which are advertisements."

This is pretty ridiculous even if you accept that there is something wrong with such behaviour. It's always been pretty damn clear to me which links are sponsored and which are not.

This however is largely beside the point, the real question we should be asking is why the hell does it matter?

If you can answer that, (and I suspect you can, but consider how important your answer is) then answer this, why doesn't the ACCC just trust people to make their own decision to use another search engine instead of wasting taxpayer money and infringing on Google's property rights?

No? I can. These people are nothing more than self perpetuating bureaucrats.

Oh, and probably Luddites.

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